Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
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Conversion rate optimization is the process of performing statistical tests on a website to improve the effectiveness of the web presence.  Whether it's improving usability, increasing conversion rates, or increasing revenues or sales, implementing a CRO plan improves the long-term profitability of your company.  For more information on conversion testing, take a look at our performance testing section on our web analytics page.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Our long-term focus on success and white hat tactics lead to great ROI's for our clients.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Paid search advertising can be an extremely effective form of advertising if optimized and approached correctly.
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Conversion Rate Optimization
Using tools such as Visual Website Optimizer, Optimizely, and Google's Content Experiments, we set up experiments to improve conversion rates.
Google Analytics Consulting
Usability data, when analyzed properly, can greatly improve marketing and investment decisions.

Forms of conversion optimization:

A/B Testing: This form of conversion testing puts a number of different variations up against one another.  It's a more basic test, but executes more quickly.  This can be used for small things like button testing, or testing the designs of two completely different landing pages.

Multivariate Testing: Multivariate testing is used to find the best combination of elements on a page.  The variables are dependent upon the other elements on the page, so it's all about finding the best combination of headlines, buttons, and layouts that work well together.  These tests can take a long time to complete, but are great if you've got a lot of traffic.

Testing Tools:

We use a few different tools to measure the effectiveness of our tests.  These platforms make the process much easier while storing past tests as well for analysis.  We recommend using Optimizely or Visual Website Optimizer, but for simpler tests we can complete analysis just using Google Analytics.